The Kabeli A Hydroelectric Project (KAHEP)

About Us

The KAHEP is located in the Middle Mountains about 800 kilometers east of Kathmandu. This project utilizes a 15-km long loop of the Kabeli River formed with the Tamor River. At completion, the project is expected to generate average energy of 206 GWh per year. The project is Peaking-run of the River Scheme.

The main components of the project include: a barrage (14.3 m high and 60 m long barrage) with live storage of 335 thousand m3 on the river’s natural flood plain; intake and settling basin; a tunnel (4.327 km long, 5.65 m diameter) and over-ground power-house with a design discharge of 37.73 m3/sec and tailrace discharging directly into the Tamor River. The access road to the headworks is about 7.5 km and the access road to the powerhouse is about 16 km. A total of 47.71 ha of land will be required for the project, out of which 22.50 ha will be permanently required and 25.21 ha only temporarily required during construction.

Other project facility requirements are the camps for engineers, contractors, and laborers; quarry; construction powers, aggregate crushing, storage yards, batching plants and mechanical yards; spoil disposal sites, etc. All of these facilities will be located close to the headworks and powerhouse sites. Construction will take place over 4 years. Ground Breaking of the project has been completed and is expected to be ready for commercial operational by 2020.